Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birds in the sky

The canal was frozen when we got up and we thought we weren't going anywhere. We looked out the porthole and saw a mole digging a hole and a robin just picking up a juicy worm from the hole just dug. Just to really take the p*** he came right up to the glass and posed. Believe me these were all taken with our camera, there is so much going on.
While we got Derwent6 ready for moving off as luck should have it a canaltime hire boat came through breaking the ice. You can see the frost on the roof of Derwent6.
and another bird flew overhead.
So with the ice broken we set off, still being watched by the birds
We moved out of Leicestershire and into Northamptonshire. The bridges still had the rope marks on them from where the horses used to pull the boats along the canal.

This crane followed us along the canal for about a mile by flying ahead and then caught a fish. We just managed to get it flying off with it in its mouth.

We tried to get some wood today with not much success, so we will be on the lookout for some next week. Our hungry stomachs finally got the better of us so we found a nice mooring to watch the sun go down and the Man U and Spurs game.


Halfie said...

Del and Al - I'd love to see your pictures bigger, but unfortunately they're not "clickable".

Louise & Cliff said...

Lovely pics that looks like a Kestrel hovering over you,
the countryside looks great bet its nice and relaxing no stress would love to be there enjoy it.

Anonymous said...


Just caught up with where you have been it looks fantastic. What a life!!

Sarah & Mark