Saturday, January 31, 2009

The lost village of Watford

Today we walked to the 16th Century village of Watford....Of all the times we have driven past Watford gap services on the M1, we never knew that there was a place nearby called Watford. It was a nice walk up a lane, through a big estate owned by Watford house.
We went because in the Nicholson Guide it showed a Post office and a store but this it what we got.
You can see the old post box on the wall and the sign bracket, but it had been turned into a house and was up "For Let"
The church was fantastic and in good condition and was the main attraction in this sleepy village.Even the old school had been turned into a house.
We took the Jurrasic way back to the canal which brought us back to Watford Flight locks, and then we made our way back to Derwent6.


Anonymous said...

looking at the forcast with snow a plenty it may well be lost again. But at least the cut will look nice and clean, not like the roads all dirty and dangerous. See you soon steve.

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve, that's true. Hope there not too much disruption with the snow down your way.....

Anonymous said...

One of of a few that made it to work. Over two hours to get to london even when leaving at 5am. But what a pretty site. Stay warm get lagged and enjoy the view.