Friday, January 16, 2009

Market day in Harborough

Got up today to a miserable start , so decided to get the bus to Market Harborough. We checked on-line the bus times and then walked to Foxton village (a 20min walk) It cost just one pound each to get there and was a 20min journey. We then had a wander round the town and had a cup of coffee before going round the town market which is only on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The market is all under cover so it was nice to keep dry and pick up the odd bargin

On the way back the bus driver dropped us off at the canal and we took the short walk back to Derwent6 with the sun on our faces.

When we got back we lit the fire and then fitted the FM aerial on the roof to the connection which was fitted out in the cratch, and yes you guessed it, it didn't work. So after checking the wiring connections found there was a broken aerial connection behind the TV. Tomorrow we will be trying the satellite signal.....lets hope that works. We also stuck some more bits and pieces up in the engine room. Here are the pins and mallet.

Well, Friday night is Curry night, so we snuggled down to a good bit of grub (thanks for the great home made chutney Bernie) and another DVD....Great!


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Del and Al
They call them teething problems and you've had more than your share. Good luck
Derek and Dot
Nb Gypsy Rover

PAV said...

Hi Del & Al,
It really is frustrating when all these teething problems come to light isn't it. We know...We have been there! For some reason it pretty well seems to be the norm on narrowboats, which only doubles ones frustration when you consider how much they cost to build in the first place!!
Anyway I am sure that, like us, you will eventually get things sorted.
Very much enjoying your blog.
Regards, Pav - NB Marmaduke.

Anonymous said...

Hi Al & Del

Finally got round to looking at the Blog!
I know you are having a few problems but they will all get sorted in the end.
The carpet looks great.
Take Care speak soon.

Sarah & Mark,

Del and Al said...

Hi Derek & Dot
Yes it is frustrating, but we're getting there. Glad to be moving after all that ice as I bet you are!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Pav
Thanks, you're right, I think all these problems are pretty much common place, but like you said it is frustrating. Glad you're enjoying the blog, and hope to meet up at some time on the cut.....

Del and Al said...

Hi Sarah & Bernie
Thanks!! We're on the move now which is great....