Sunday, May 04, 2014

Busy with People, Where are the boats?

Busy with people but not busy with boats here.. Its strange that it seems so quiet on the cut with boat movement. We have quite enjoyed our stay here not having to worry about food of if we want something, it is only a few metres away..
We have really relaxed into the joy of having Derwent6 moored in a town again. Al has been making the most of it by going to the Market and picking up a bargain, Del after all the rain has been doing the brasses (again) and in the evenings we have been listening to live music at the local pub. Last night we partied again and saw a band called Devestation.
They were very good but we felt not as good as The Measures was saw last night.. We recommend The Goat pub for that party come night club atmosphere and we have really enjoyed both nights..


Lisa said...

How has the canopy come up?

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa, it's looking's come up like new! x