Saturday, May 17, 2014

London Town

We left early again this morning and made our way into Little Venice, it was busy with boats and we took it nice and easy, so as not to wake the wildlife.
We got to the water point and there was a boat on the moorings so we waited for them to finish.
A boat came the other way so Del backed Derwent6 out of the way and instead of coming past us they pulled along side the boat getting water. A bit rude we thought! 
They then jumped on the boat they had just moored against and tied up to it on the bow knocking down their gas locker with a bang!. A bit more rude we thought.. They then took the piss by jumping on the boats roof and tying their centre rope to the moored boat and back on theirs....without saying a word!  Del was still holding Derwent6...  The last straw was when they then got out their Elsan and plonked it on the moored boats roof so that another member of the crew could slide it across and empty it..  Del moved Derwent6 forward..
"Have you guys got any Manners?" he shouted... "I moved to let you through and you have pushed in front of us, and you have clambered all over that guys boat with no respect what so ever" "Oh Sorry, we won't be long" was the reply from the girl on the tiller..  "Oh you have got some manners then" Del shouted back.. Wonder what would have happened if it was Derwent6 they were clambering
We filled with water once everyone had got out of the way and then made our way into the basin.
We met up with Doug and James on n.b Chance who had tipped us off that they were coming out today. Touch! 
We moored up and then were treated to coffee and a cake and a good catch up with Doug, James and their friend Olly...(Olly kindly took the photo!)
They had to leave at 11.30am so we said our goodbyes but not before handing back their knife which we still had from last year, we hope to catch up with them later..
We then decided to go into town and went to Oxford Street so Del could get Al's Birthday present for tomorrow, and we also brought her present from her Mum and Dad. Two lovely new beads for her Pandora bracelet.

We ended up in Carnaby Street where Al managed to get herself on the CNN News on a report about the World Cup..
We then made our way back to Derwent6 in the lovely sunshine..
Funny as it was, we had some McDonalds vouchers where we could get a full meal for £1.99 and they run out tomorrow, so we used them.. Now we are in London, do we go out tonight or not....
Well of course we did..
We ended up having a walk around to suss out the new places and ended up in a bar (of course) where we mixed in with a crowd on a firms leaving do.. Hmmm got back late!


nb Oakfield said...

Looked like a perfick day for you, except for the boaters with no manners!
Take care.

N.b. return to sender said...

Hi just wondering how you got on with the Fabsil?