Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crew Depart

It was a nice morning and we felt we needed to move but David had decided to go back home today, as we were so close to the tube station here at Croxley.. We missed breakfast and to be honest, we didn't want any after that big pizza yesterday.. So, we waited till lunch where we all had a sandwich.. David packed up his things and we all walked up to the station to see him off..
We have had a lovely time with him and I know it has been a good time for him to chill out a bit..

When we lose crew it always seems so quiet again back on Derwent6.. The weather still looked too dodgy as one minute it was lovely sunshine, the next we had thunder and lightening, and we could see the forecast looked good for tomorrow, so we stayed put today.. We had things we wanted to do and it gave us a chance to do them.   With nothing on the telly it will be a early night and a early start tomorrow.. 

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