Friday, May 02, 2014

Catch up

We have stayed at Berkhamsted for a few days and made the most of it.. The water levels go up and down a bit between the locks, and we are on pins, but has been a nice mooring.. So what have we done?.. Well Del's priority was to see the football and with a selection of pubs here he has seen all the games. Al's priority was to go to her Mum and Dads and we are right next to the train station so that works, we are also very close to the supermarket Waitrose and the town centre so that works for both of us.. yes we are spoilt really, and we all like being spoilt!!!
We have had some showery days here but it has been nice in the sunshine. A rainy day was forecast for Thursday, and the tube strike was over, so Al made her way down to Kent for the day. She only stayed with her Mum and Dad for a few hours but they had a good catch up.. Del had done the brasses (which is why it rained)  and we ended up lighting the fire again yesterday. We are just enjoying life at the moment!!

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