Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Legs Eleven

We were up at the crack of dawn with mist still on the water, but we had some progress to make today so we went into the empty lock ahead of us..
We had eleven locks and eleven miles to do today so it was good we were woken up by our alarm clock on the gunwale..
It was a clear blue sky and it made it like a picture postcard as we cruised on up to Batchworth.
It is always slow going through this bit with all the moored boats but at least you can be nosey as you go past.
We stopped at the lock for a bit and got rid of our rubbish taking in the only model of the canals on the system.
They were getting it ready for the Rickmansworth canal festival over the weekend.
We stopped here for Mr Tesco and a cupboard top up.
We carried on past the festival site at idle as there were a lot of boats already moored for it.. We got to Copper Mill lock where we paired up with another boat with four crew and also in a bit more of a hurry than us.. We got past this tricky cross stream section as we followed them all the way to Uxbridge..
You still can't believe you're going into London along this section because it is so rural with lakes either side of you..
We went through Denham Deep Lock with its eleven feet drop with no problems and slowly made our way to Uxbridge.
The things some people do to keep the licence fee as low as possible, this guy has put a boat in a boat..
We got there, it seemed, very quickly and the boat in front of us pulled over and moored up. We turned into Denham Marina and took advantage of their fifteen pounds pumpout..
We then looked for a mooring as the sun had got to us a bit and we had done enough for the day..  We found a nice sunny spot near The Dolphin Inn Pub and close to the town..
Al then needed to post a letter so walked down to the bridge and found a post box.. It was still lovely and warm for the time of year so a nice salad was on the cards out in the cratch. We were too tired to go into town tonight but we will explore it one day..


Oakie said...

Blimey! You two were only a few hundred yards from where I am now, opposite Uxbridge Boat Centre. Pity you didn't go in The Dolphin, 'coz I was there about 8pm last night. So near, yet so far! Ray

Del and Al said...

Hi Ray, sorry we missed you last night, hopefully can get together for a beer next time.....

Ann nb Oakfield said...

Wow I like your unusual alarm clock!
Get the shorts on we are in for a sizzling weekend, apparently.