Monday, May 03, 2010

Wolverhampton twenty one

We woke up to a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday morning, and it was lovely in the sun, but a bit chilly in the shade. After bacon butty's we set off at around 9.30am. We soon got to the narrow cutting at Wolverhampton where for a small section there are passing places only. We then got to the Shroppie junction and it still wasn't very busy, it felt we had it all to ourselves. With the help of Maxine and Graham we attacked the Wolverhampton twenty one (21 locks).These had all been freshly painted and looked very pretty in places but you knew we were getting nearer to town.
When we got to the top Graham and Maxine took the tiller and we sat out in the cratch while we went through the industrial part of Wolverhampton. At one point the bow did rise out the water as we ran up over something, but the water seemed very clear through here. Graham then took us through Coseley Tunnel and we turned towards Dudley.

When we arrived at the entrance of Dudley tunnel, we stopped at the water point and topped up with water. There had been a historic tug weekend on at The Black Country Museum and there were no spaces in the secured mooring section. So we spoke to a few guys there and they advised us to stay on the water point as it was so late, as they would all be going early in the morning... so we did!

Graham then got a taxi to pick up their car back in Penkridge and then parked it in the secure parking area at Dudley. In the evening we sat in the cratch again eating, drinking and singing....Yep! another late night!

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