Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life's about meeting people!

The weather forecast wasn't good so it was get all your jobs done in the morning. When we looked we were pleasantly surprised to see n.b Holly Hobble between us and n.b Thema. We had made friends with Alan & Carol last year and it was great to see them. We thought we would get some small provisions while the weather was with us as we had drunk all the beverages in the hot spell we had just had. It was just a short walk along a footpath into Crick village and we posted a letter and picked up some beers and wine. We then got back to Derwent6 and unpacked. Alan & Carol had also been to the shops and when they got back they came on board and had coffee and cakes. We had a good catch up with all their good and bad news, but most of all we all had some fun, playing music. We're sure we will be seeing more of them. It started to rain at about 5.00pm and they made their way back to their boat, just 10 seconds behind us. We then had to get ready, as we had been invited for dinner on n.b Thema. That's where the wine started to flow and it all went downhill from there! We had a fantastic meal on board and a good chat with Pat & Keith. We got back at about 10.00pm and straight to bed!!!

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