Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crick Show (day one)

Oh it's raining... Well it is the Crick Show!!!!!! We were up early and had our Hot Cross buns before we headed off to the show.. We wanted to get to the British Waterway's seminar which was on for a couple of hours in the morning. We managed to get our points over to them and hope they will be working with boaters much more closely in the future. Just as last year we bumped into some lovely people walking round and it was good to see the Axion boys, Alan and Dave doing well on their stand. Fernwood were also doing well with couples battling for slots. We met up with friends Maxine and Graham and went on a few boats and picked up a few bits on the way. But the highlight of the day was when a lady just came up to Al and handed her some mooring pin covers made out of plastic bags. One Asda, One Marks and Sparks, and one Sainsbury's. They said to Al that "We love the blog so much and wanted to give you these". A big big thank you to everyone we spoke to who follow the blog and especially to Angela and Dave who didn't want their photo taken.
We came back to Derwent6 and picked up some provisions (inc wine) and then walked over to Maxine and Grahams camper van. We had a really nice dinner, mulling over the things we had looked at during the day. We then set off for the evening entertainment and when we walked in the bar we were a bit disappointed that it was a load of pirates on stage. Well the evening just got better and better and their performance was just fantastic. We had tears running down our faces with laughter. As you can see this panda was having fun!
We got back to Derwent6 at 12.30am and we were glad just to crash out!


Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say hi, we gave a shout and wave to you both yesterday from the trip boat at Crick show.

Steve and Chris Spreyer (nb. AmyJo when she gets built) said...

Hi Both,
Thanks for Showing Chris and I around Derwent6 and making us so welcome. She's a beautiful boat and one you can be mighty proud of.

Sent Al and email with more info.
Look forward to seeing you again some day.

Del and Al said...

Hi Mark & Corinne, it's always nice to meet people who read our blog, hope you enjoyed the show!

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve & Chris, thankyou! It was nice to meet you and hope that seeing Derwent6 has helped you. Keep in touch....

Keith Lodge said...

Hi both. We came to the Crick show on Saturday with Mark and Maggie from NB Forever Young. As you will know it was wet all day, but we had a pretty good day. We did not think the show was as good as previous years and many we have spoken to felt the same.
Glad to see all is good with you. We maybe making a move this coming week, as had enough with the hospital. So may see you about. Hugss Jo x