Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hanging by the collar

When we went into the saloon this morning we found the chimney collar hanging down... We seem to have a few chimney problems on Derwent6. The three fixing screws had rusted right through. It must be the condensation and the heat... These were changed with stainless steel ones and it didn't take long. It was a lovely day and Al got her book out and spent the best part of the day in the cratch watching the world go by, while Del went out for a long bike ride... We spent the early evening chatting to the people on the boat moored in front of us, and later in the evening we had dinner to a bit of Queen music and then Al watched her Desperate Housewives!


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

How big a gap have you got between the wood and the stack?

Del and Al said...

Hi Brian, looks deceptive in the photo but there's an good 8 inch gap