Monday, May 24, 2010

Meeting up with Thema again

Another bright and sunny day and we were up and about at 8.30am. n.b Moore2life passed us early but to be fair we haven't seen much go past us during the morning. We did the brasses and some other jobs on Derwent6 and then walked down to the locks with our rubbish to meet n.b Thema. We did have to pick up an old aerial left by another boater in the hedge. It amazes us that this guy was even travelling in the same direction of the bins but still thought he would put the blame on the next person who moored in his place. We passed n.b Sanity Again ( which will be appearing in the Crick Show, and had a chat on the way through. We then locked through n.b Thema and they moored up behind us for a BBQ. We had a lovely dinner in the sunshine, but the weather started to change just as we finished. So we moved on to n.b Thema for more wine and beers. We staggered back to Derwent6 at ten...just before it got dark.


abfab said...

Hope to see you at Crick.Came out of hospital Sunday and hoping I am up to it!! Keep your fingers crossed.

Del and Al said...

oooo Trudy, hope you're well enough, will be lovely to see you again. Take care x