Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cows were right!

After checking the weather we decided to make a move early. We had broken sunshine and it was a lot cooler than of late. We went through some marshes and meadows and the canal was a bit straight but we really enjoyed it. It soon was disturbed by the noise of the M6 in the background and these cows knew something we didn't. It wasn't long before we got to our first lock of four today, which are quite deep, ten feet or more. We made our way through the villages of Acton Trussell and Wood Banks and then stopped for diesel. This is the first time we have not been able to use self declaration and we weren't happy about it, but needs must, and we needed to pick up some loo stuff from Midland Chandlers here....We got to Penkridge and got moored up and had some lunch before we had a quick walk into the village to suss things out.
The cows were right and it started to rain in the afternoon so we lit the fire and put on a DVD. After dinner (liver and bacon) we went for a walk to see if any of the pubs (all five of them) had any music on in the evening, but no, none of them did!!!!, so we walked back to The Boat Inn and had a couple of pints before the twenty foot walk back to Derwent6.


Anonymous said...

Dont know where you are going but if you are going down the shroppie watch out for diesel at wheaton aston cheapest on the cut i can remember him at 13p a ltr ah those where the days happy cruising james

Andy Tidy said...

Good to see you at Coven at the weekend!
Capt Ahab (Andy)

Del and Al said...

Hi James, not on the shroppie this time, but thanks for the tip as may be that way later in the year.

Del and Al said...

Hi Andy, great to meet you too!