Monday, April 12, 2010

You can do so much more now!

It was a cloudy start to the day and we decided to get some exercise and walk down the locks to the chandlers and change that fuel filter which was the wrong one. When we got there we picked up some fender rope and they also had the right colour green paint for Derwent6, so we picked up a litre. They couldn't find our fuel filter in their books, which is a bit surprising as it is the most common engine fitted in narrowboats, so we had to have a refund. We walked back and had some lunch on Derwent6 before we headed off through the tunnel. We passed n.b Nobby before we met three boats in Braunston Tunnel and we didn't hit any of them. We were still shocked at the amount of work BW still have to do on the landslide western end of the tunnel. The banks still need filling in and the towpath is not finished, maybe it will get finished before the Crick Show rush. We went down the locks and we've got to say it wasn't too busy. We ended up going down on our own and only passed a couple of boats coming up. We got water in Braunston, which did seem busy, and while we were filling Al got some shopping at the butchers. We then moored up just the other side of the village and into the peace and quiet of the countryside again. It turned cold in the afternoon so we lit the fire again and had dinner in the cratch. We did have ten lambs for company. It's nice that it stays light now till 8.30pm and you can do so much more with the day..


Anonymous said...

You will hav to show me this litre of green rope when we meet next. I think old age must be taking its toll.


Del and Al said...

changed it just for you Steve x