Thursday, April 08, 2010

What a Beautiful Quiet Day

It was such a nice day and we get so much sun here we decided not to move. What we like about it here is that you don't get that early morning traffic because the locks aren't open and it's very quiet in the evening after the locks have closed. We sat out in the cratch deep into books and planning some summer cruising. While we were static we did have some nice comments from people who read the blog, it's amazing that you feel you know these people, because they know so much about you. Yep, Derwent6 got a clean after going through the tunnel and being covered in all those white bits, but all in all, we just had a lazy day watching sheep. We are also making the most of our 3G signal we have here.....


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see you in person so to speak whilst passing,and good to see those brasses getting a good clean.
Alan + Nicky

NbCream Cracker

Del and Al said...

Hi Alan & Nicky, good to meet you too, and glad you're enjoying the blog......see you at Crick!