Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keeping Derwent6 on Course

It was a cloudy morning with a very cold wind and a strong wind at that... We thought we would stay warm like this fella and light the fire. We stayed put till the weather brightened up and at midday we set off. We passed bridge 80 which still appears to have deluded the winter stoppages. Don't know why because it looks like it will fall down any minute and we took it very easy going under it.
As we cruised on the weather just got better and with the fire lit Derwent6 turned into a furnace.We were also surprised to see more moorings going in on the Barby Straight, and we learnt that this will be another full blown marina due to open this year (we know someone who is working there). (
With the sun out it was quite nice going down through Hillmorton Locks but the wind made it a bit tricky.

We always get the problem of hirer's opening up all four paddles here and not knowing what to do. It must be because these locks are all on their own and too far for the hire company's to take them through one. Perhaps good instructions on the gates might help. We then found a nice mooring along side the golf course where we can watch them all tee off. Hopefully we're out of sight of the flying balls, but we are looking down the fairway. We sat in the sunshine in the afternoon reading. During the day Al had been using all that heat to slow cook some gammon which we had in the evening...melt in your mouth stuff.. beautiful!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good job Bern and myself are not on that course or you might just get a stray ball come your way.


Del and Al said...