Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shouldn't have stopped for lunch

We were up early this morning and quietly left our man with the generator. It was a lovely day and we made our way up to Newbold where we got water. Then we went through the tunnel where you don't need to use the tunnel light, due to it's lights all the way. We took it nice and steady but it did get busy in places. It must be because holiday makers couldn't fly that they have taken to the canals, and what a week they have all picked. The hire companies must be rubbing their hands. What we must say is that everyone we have seen is having a great time, which is lovely. We were sitting on the stern soaking up the sunshine and taking in the views until lunchtime.
We made the mistake of stopping for lunch because we sat in the cratch and just got a little too comfortable and then couldn't be bothered to move after that. Hopefully the pictures will show why!
Notice the swan on it's nest!!!
See, we told you it was difficult to move!!!

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Anonymous said...

There must be a joke in those pics somwhere, an old cow and some birds