Sunday, April 25, 2010

Armitage was toilet, Rugeley wasn't

Al went and got a paper from the Handsacre general stores and Del wiped down the roof before we headed off towards Rugeley. We went through Armitage which is the home of the toilet, Armitage Shanks. The canal runs right by the factory and we could hear them working away, even on a Sunday. We then got to Armitage tunnel which has been partly knocked down for a new road but it made it quite tight and tricky, and very cave like when we went through. Al had to get off Derwent6 to see if the way was clear and then call Del through. We then passed Spode house the home of the former pottery family, which is now a spa and golf course. We then stopped for water and coming up behind us was Les on n.b. Valerie (see link) We had tea and a chat for about a hour before heading on our ways. We then went through Rugeley with the closed down Power Station close at view all the time, and we've got to say we really liked it. We will stop here next time! We were soon back out in the countryside and with black clouds looming we moored up just before a downpour. We sat out in the cratch (in between showers) reading the papers Al had got earlier. In the evening we watched Countryfile on the Cotswold's and had dinner overlooking this nice scenery.

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