Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down for the ice dancing!

We got the train down into Kent from Rugby station which is a 30min walk from Derwent6. The boat was being looked after by some friends of ours who were moored along side us so she is in good hands. We got into Kent on the Friday night and stayed at our friends Bernie & Sarah's. After a fried breakfast Del and Bernie went out flying their glider's (something they used to do as kids). They still had them in the loft and thought it was time to rub the dust off them and reminisce a bit. Al left with Sarah and they went to the O2 to see Dancing On Ice with Torvill & Dean. In the evening the girls were out eating while the boys were out drinking... Great Fun! We stayed at Bernie & Sarah's for another night and then were taken down to Al's Mum and Dads for lunch. We had some quality time with them in the afternoon and evening.

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Dave Winter said...

Seeing that glider brought back memories when I used to fly them off Ivinghoe Beacon.I still have a broken Cirrus in the loft.
Take care.