Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food shopping top up

We left Kev & Ann after a late start and made our way up to Clifton for a pumpout. It was a bit busy but we managed to get in there. We then made our way onto Rugby and got a mooring on the 24 hours at Brownsover. We then got as much shopping as we could carry (inc beers) back to Derwent6. It was a lovely day and we sat out in the cratch in the sunshine with the papers.We have had some prat here running his generator all day so we could see how we managed to get a space here ok. This guy has been on these 24 hour moorings a week and is now getting a name for himself, are we bothered, we will be off tomorrow....

We went for a walk in the afternoon and came across this house, the birthplace of Lawrence Sheriff the founder of the famous Rugby school


Anonymous said...

so you get prats on the cut as well!!!!!!!


Del and Al said...

Yep you do Steve! but if we don't like it we just have to move on!!!