Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter rush is on!

We had bright sunshine this morning so it was nice to sit out in the cratch. The boats going past us today have been the most we have seen all year. It has been good fun watching them all rushing to get to their destinations, some we've got to say a little too fast, but some having alot of fun and getting in the Easter spirit. We slowly watched the clouds coming over and it was getting colder. We never had the balls to light the fire today due to what happened yesterday, but we did have the central heating on for four hours. We have cast iron radiators on Derwent6 and you only have to have the heating on for a hour and they stay hot for another hour and a half, so we can turn the heating on and off all day.

It just started to pour with rain and who should we see but n.b Thema with Pat & Keith on board and they were pleased to stop for a coffee and a flapjack. n.b Thema is the boat we practiced with over all those years, and as good luck we kept the same colours. They were making their way up to Foxton where they will be meeting up with Debbie (Del's sister) and John, we may see them all on their way back.
We played a few games in the afternoon and watched a bit of telly late in the evening, so it was a chilled out day.

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