Friday, April 23, 2010

Is that a bird or a plane

We left Polesworth at 9.00am and were soon met by the wildlife. We had two geese fighting in front of us and they were making a hell of a racket. We made our way slowly through Tamworth and were then attacked by a swan trying to take off in front of us.... He just made it!!!
We then went through the two locks in Tamworth where we topped up with water and waited for the locks to be in our favour. The canal then went into the country side and we were taking in the scenery when we were attacked again. This time from a very low flying plane because the canal was right at the end of the runway. We just manage to take this photo before we nearly got hit by his wheels. We bet the pilot enjoyed buzzing us...

We got to Fradley Junction, where even on a Friday was very busy with people watching other people. We headed on to the Trent and Mersey and up through the three locks before we were out in the countryside again. By this time it was getting on for six o clock so we thought we had better moor up.. We're getting used to this long day lark.... In the evening we had a Friday night Curry and a few beers, the perfect end to the perfect day!!!

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