Friday, August 30, 2019

Home Mooring

We had the itch to move this morning in the sunshine after a wet night. Del sorted out the ropes and pushed us off from the bank.. With the rain the canal felt quite full and very clear and it made pleasant cruising.. We passed under the new road bridge and then soon got to Clifton Cruisers.
It was getting busy with boats again and we just kept it slow as we got to Brownsover.
We then passed over the aqueducts at Elliot's Field and headed for Newbold.
We then met a boat on the tricky bridge here, and you can see the damage to it where it has been hit in the past. I never know why they don't plate these bridges to try and preserve them from boaters who can't steer..

We waited at Newbold tunnel for a boat to exit and then proceeded on towards Coventry. We pulled into our home mooring on our pontoon where Derwent6 is in save hands.  Well it's not really a home mooring, it's just a safe haven that we feel comfortable with as we get good service, its easy for the car hire company, and THEY ARE JUST NICE PEOPLE! Busy week ahead so watch this space!

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