Friday, August 30, 2019

Wi-Fi Upgrade goes wrong

Every day has jobs and today was another one of those days..
Del had got a FREE internal house modem when we acquired the new Mi-Fi dongle we got last year..
Now with the lithium batteries we have found we can leave on the power to the modem as they only take about 12 watts.. This gives us an internet connection to Derwent6 all the time and we can now rig up security even when we are not there..
Not only can alarms and cameras be set up but also we can see what is happening with our batteries to make sure these things work..
Del fitted the modem and changed over the sim card, and then set up the network using the new codes. He also fitted a special little Wi-Fi aerial to the roof and the signal was amazing from such a small thing..
We then Wi-Fied in and things seem to be working twice as fast as the old dongle, so we are happy bunnies.. We still have a temporary set up as we want to trial it around the system and in weaker areas but the first signs are good..

Then it turned into a disaster as when using Google and Explorer we got a security breach on both by the Security software we pay for each year. These things do panic you a bit and we reverted straight back to the dongle and things were fine again.. The good thing is we will now look for a better static modem.


Carol said...

Did you swap the sim from the dongle to the house modem, therefore now not using the dongle and did you try the roof aerial directly with the dongle to get the increased signal or was it just with the modem?

Del and Al said...

Hi Carol, really sorry, thought I'd replied to you! We are all up and running now, turned out it just needed a reset, its a common problem apparently lol!!