Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fully loaded

After a poor nights sleep with cat we decided to leave Braunston today. Tooty wanted to go out at 2.30am and when Del opened the door there was another cat in the cratch. Tooty was not happy and had this look on his face that could have killed.. He then sulked for a bit and came back in in a huff...
We left at 8.30am and thought it would be good to have a productive day. It started by us going along to the water point.
We know this area so well as we winter round here, so know how to avoid the busy periods. Filled with water, we then slipped round to the marina where we had got a pumpout token yesterday.
We emptied the waste tank and felt good as we pulled out with not a moving boat in sight..
As we crept back to where we came from it suddenly got busy, but we still managed to pull up on the Midland Chandlers moorings to get a few bits It was mainly things for winter like a new glass for the stove and a new blacking cleaner to try and brighten the fire up a little..

We waited as a trip boat went past us and then carried on the journey towards Rugby.
Still trying to steer the boat, we followed patiently.
We were just saying to each other that we will need some wood shortly for the autumn, when round the corner a tree was down and all cut up for us..
We pulled over and loaded up Derwent6 with the hope it gives it a bit of time to season a little..
Happy days, full of wood and water and a empty poo tank, we now needed to find a mooring and carried on for a bit.
We soon caught up with the trip boat again as they were weaving all over the place.
This made our mind up to stop at Onley.
Al had already done a couple of washes and was hoping to get the line out to dry everything. On checking the weather it had turned to sunshine and showers so we had to keep a eye on things. We then had a horrendous thunder storm in the distance and the washing went in and out like a yo-yo.
Later on we heard a couple of boats mooring up behind us and it turned out to be Rachel and Wayne on n.b Daniel followed by Ann on n.b Pratty Flower who we met at Cropredy. After a chat and some dinner on our boats we met up again in the evening with a bottle of wine and had a few beers together.

As always we had a good time. It was an easy walk back to Derwent6..


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Looking forward to catching up, both boat-wise and in person.
Scones are on my list first thing in the morning!

Del and Al said...

See you soon xxx