Thursday, August 08, 2019

Joined by Campervaners

We were up early as we had a text from Maxine and Graham saying they were going to join us for a few days in their new self contained campervan. We quickly made a call to the camping ground at Bridge street where they could stay for £10.00 a night and not require a ticket for the main festival in Cropredy. Luckily they had a cancelation and had a space available.
They arrived at midday telling us the wine was chilled, so we sorted ourselves out and walked to meet them.. Nibbles, wine and beer turned into a nice lunch and a good catch up..
We then took a walk around the village with Ginny the dog, and stopped at the Red Lion for one and then walked onto the Brasenose where we stayed, in the end, for dinner.
They had some music on in the evening and we watched the first half before we thought it best to take Ginny on a better walk and see more of Cropredy.
We split at the bridge and went home for an early night and a lie in in the morning.

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