Thursday, August 15, 2019

Twist and Turns and the HS2 to Napton

It was another early start for us as we were hoping to get a mooring at the bottom of Napton Locks.

We left at 6.15am and crept past the Wharf Inn pub and all the boats here.. Del shuts the stern doors when doing this so its almost like Derwent6 is an electric boat.
You soon get out into the countryside and it like a painted picture as the colours change as the sun rises..
The fields were full of cows and sheep.
Even the Swans were grazing with the horses..
This section of the Oxford is weird, because it twists and turns over eight miles, and you can walk it in two miles..  This is where the HS2 is going through and work has already started, such a shame, but needs must.

We got to the top lock of the Napton flight at Marston Doles and was lucky enough to be able to go straight in..
In fact we caught everyone coming up the flight, so every lock was ready and we got down in record time.. (not that we're rushing)

The other bonus was when we came round the corner at the bottom lock there were two moorings available, so leaving early does have some benefits.
 We we're pleased that we had managed to get in here and can now do some planning for the weekend.....


Andy said...

Moving just after dawn is fabulous, as long as you have no hangover.

Del and Al said...

Got to agree with that Andy!

Oakie said...

Plans for the weekend - like a meal in The Folly? One of my favourite pubs, with home made triple cooked chips - enjoy, whatever the weather.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ray, yep the Folly is great. Lovely food and the folly fest at the weekend was brilliant!