Friday, June 01, 2018

Laughter after Rain

We woke up to rain hitting the roof at force and thought it best to stay in bed, no moving today.
It stopped at around midday and Derwent6 got its leather off which removed all that dust from the dry spell we had. We picked up this fella on the way somewhere.
We had a walk round the village and then in the evening we met up with friends John and Louise off n.b. Ploddin Along. We put the world to rights like we always do with a few beers, Al was on soft drinks. Thanks again guys for a great night (even though we didn't do the quiz) sorry we didn't take any pics lol
Al has been ok for the last two days as she is now back on three tablets a day, so its a matter of her gaining confidence again. Lets hope we are on the move tomorrow..

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