Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Nottingham Walkabout

This morning was a bit colder than of late, so after breakfast we decided to go into town and explore.
Our first port of call was the castle but Al really wanted to go to a café she saw yesterday.

The place was called Kitty Café and as you entered you had to pay a small fee as it was full of rescue cats.
Al was in her element, with kittens and full grown cats all over the place..
It was full of tables and chairs with scratching post and shelves for the cats to climb over.. It was a lot of fun watching them play with each other..
After managing to get Al out of there we went up to Nottingham Castle.

it was eight pounds to get in which we didn't think was too bad and it turned out to be well worth it..
 You have good views over Nottinghamshire and there is loads of interesting information on the Castle.
From there we went to the Cathedral and to be honest was a bit disappointed, but you have to see these places..
We then went to the Lace Markets and first it was difficult to find, we even asked a policeman and he couldn't really tell us where it was, but pointed us in the right direction.. Well we did find it and were disappointed again as it was a lot of lovely beautiful Lace factory buildings but no lace..
Not even one shop selling lace, so much could be done here to make it a great tourist attraction.
We then grabbed a quick bite to eat in Pret and then walked down to the Wharf at a place called Canalside.

Here you go into a canal boat dock which is surrounded by a bar with tables and chairs. We want our blacking done here next time...


Ness said...

Hi guys! Really lovely to have said hello to you earlier at the lock. Didn't want to distract you too much - that was a huge drop but you made the 20 or so feet look like a walk in the park. Great review of Nottingham! Ness x (as in the monster :-) )

Del and Al said...

Hi Ness, lovely to meet you and thanks for reading our blog. Maybe see you again one day for a longer chat x

Anonymous said...

Was Tooty jealous when you were back on board after being with the kitty cats?
Nottingham is grrreat, plenty to explore, thanx for your lovely accompanying pics.
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Loved Nottingham, and Del was relieved we had Tooty on board, as if not I might have brought some of those kitties home with me!! Tooty definitely would not have been pleased lol x