Sunday, June 17, 2018

Battery problems continued over lunch

We surfaced this morning and then walked over to the reception here at Burton Waters Marina to find our faulty battery had still not been collected. We also needed a gas bottle, and we had also ordered some new chairs which we wanted to tell them were being delivered.. They supplied a new gas bottle and even offered to fit it, how good was that. The down side was we paid £29.00 for the privilege, but needs must.
After sending an email to Advance Battery Supplies Ltd saying they hadn't collected as they said they would, we got a reply, we think this says a lot about a company.
Take it with you and we will collect next time you dock. The couriers cannot book on collections until Tuesday next week now.

Bit tricky that, why would we want to carry a faulty battery around till we are in one place long enough for them to collect, Great Customer Service! We won't be using them again!

We then took a walk along the river to a pub called the Pyewipe Inn and had a lovely lunch, before we walked back again.
Football will rule our lives for a bit now and we are lucky enough to be able to watch most games if we want too....
Spain and Portugal, what a cracker!

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