Monday, June 25, 2018

Back to Torksey

It always feels strange when you wake up and the boat is empty again. Even Tooty the cat was a bit confused as he had Derwent6 to himself.
It was such a lovely day and rude not to get cruising with breakfast, buttered crumpets was on the menu.
We got to Saxilby at 10.00am and Del filled with water.
Al picked up some sausage rolls and fresh meat from the butchers and then Del posted a couple of letters in the village.
We then set off again and headed to Torksey Lock.

Its a bit straight but easy cruising and it makes it easy when the suns out.. When you turn at the end you have the huge power station in the distance.
We arrived on our mooring at midday, and then walked round to see the lockkeeper to get booked in for our next Tidal Trent section.
Then we chilled for the rest of the day with the football..

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