Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Short trip to Kintbury

We left one of our favourite moorings at Marsh Benham and headed through the first lock.
Again it was just take things slowly as these locks will bite you if you want to rush them.
Then there are another two locks which are walkable and we got through them ok..
The last lock of the day was at Kintbury and the water point had a wide beam on it, so we waited while they filled with water and did their pumpout .

We then filled Derwent6 as she was getting a bit thirsty.

It turned out there were a few moorings and we grabbed the first one we saw not thinking about getting a telly signal. We struggled and then noticed a boat was going off in front of us.. We pulled Derwent6 forward a tad and hey presto, we got a signal..
So we were now sorted and had plans for the rest of the day, as there was a great pub with a wood burning pizza grill we liked and they were on offer today at £6.00 each. It was only a short walk in the sunshine and we soon had a beer in our hands with a freshly cooked pizza in front of us..
We stayed till sunset and then wandered back to Derwent6 and with full tummies were ready for bed. (We also received a message saying that the problems on the summit at Crofton were still quite bad)..

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