Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Sadly turning round :-(

Decision made! Sadly, we were turning back this morning. It was a hard decision as we don't normally let things like this get in the way, but if we could save water for someone who needs it more than we do, then its got to be a good thing.. To add to the misery, we had this message from CaRT.
We spun round in the winding hole at Kintbury, and couldn't get on the waterpoint because of some boats that moored on there late last night..
We can't complain because we had overstayed our mooring by half a day due to the fact we couldn't make our minds up as to what to do.
Our hose just reached from the lock moorings as we also waited to see if we could link up with someone else going in our direction.
The tank reached full and no one turned up so we went through on our own and a wide beam followed us..
It is very pretty through this section back towards Newbury and it was all so much easier going down the locks. Even the gates were opening fully, but you did have to watch the cill on the way down.. This fella was keeping out of the way..
We got to March Benham and in the distance could see our lovely mooring was free again. We couldn't resist it and tucked Derwent6 into the spot made for us.. Tooty likes it here as he isn't bothered by people that much.
 We had some brunch and then set to work on cleaning Derwent6 as it had been neglected over the last few days.. Taking the dust off and some spit and polish was the order of the day, and it took all day.. Al got the washing line out and did some washing, again all done free with solar power.
We plan an early start tomorrow so we chilled in the evening after Al had cooked a lovely steak and salad to keep us going..

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