Sunday, July 14, 2019

Good Cruising to Day's Lock

We had a lazy start to the day and had to pay the £10.00 mooring fee here at Wallingford. We thought it was a bit steep as we only paid £5.00 last time. Some boats avoided paying by just leaving early in the morning..

We had breakfast and then we set off toward Benson Lock..

The weather was amazing again and it was lovely cruising.

We headed up towards Shillingford, another nice spot on the Thames, and we tried to moor here but the water was a bit shallow so we moved on..
 Again we enjoyed the cruising weather and headed to Dorchester.

 We knew a couple of good moorings here but carried on up through Day's Lock as we wanted to guarantee we could get telly, to watch the semi final clash between Nadal and Federer.
 Our mooring was free here so we set ourselves up just in time for the match..
Afterwards we then took a walk in to Dorchester and had a couple of pints in the George Inn.

The Abbey here looks like a church till you get up to it and see its size. It is in such good condition and well used, but as a gala was going on we couldn't go in..

After our drinks we walked back to Derwent6 as it was getting dark..
It was another lovely day with David on board..

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