Monday, June 05, 2017


We had decided to stay in Warwick for a couple of nights at a charge of £5.50. This is a very secure area with cameras and locked BW gates..  After a peaceful night we thought we would go into town and look around the trinket shops and market stalls but before that Jo and Keith arrived on board for a coffee and flapjacks. It was great to see them and catch up on all our trial and tribulations, but we have all got through them (we hope). They were helping with the organisation of the Idle Woman theatre and ticket sales, and we watched them arrive in the arm.
It was a bit tricky where we were moored due to the boats turning in the wind so we waited till the Arm was full before going out.. Mark and Sian went to Warwick castle for the day, which we had done before, it is a great day out.

In the evening we had some Tesco vouchers to use up so had a cheap meal at Ask. We then did a couple of pubs on the way back to Derwent6 before we crashed into bed..

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