Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meeting back up at Middlewich

So Sunday was a day of rest for us and it proved to be the right thing to do as the boats were a continuous stream. Del wanted to watch the Grand Prix and Al read her book and Tooty was having a field day pulling mice every twenty minutes. Yep we were all happy on this mooring.
Monday we decided to move and we were woken up by a helicopter going over head, good job the sun was out.
It is lovely here around the Cheshire countryside as the canal weaves its way through the contours of the land..

We soon got to Stanthorne Lock (after doing one load of washing). This lock is over 11 foot deep and we only had one boat in front of us. When you're down the bottom of it your voice has an echo.

We got up to the Middlewich Junction with the Trent and Mersey and went through the tight lock here and took a sharp left turn north.
After getting through a tricky section with moored boats we then got to the Middlewich three singles, these are also tricky locks with some sharp turns and leaking gates but we managed to get through with the help of the volunteer lock keepers..
In front of us we then caught eye of Mark and Sian on n.b Mochyn Du (the black pig) and it was great to see them again..
Our break was a welcome one but it was good to be back together. We moored behind them and then went into town to suss things out..

Unfortunately we wasn't that impressed, it did have a Tesco's, Lidl, Morrisons, and a DIY shop, but there is something missing in this town.. We didn't even feel the need to take any photos..
In the evening we went for a drink at The Big Lock pub and then onto The White Horse and then onto the Blue Ginger, an Indian we can recommend.. We let Tooty out for the night when we got back, a test for him as we were not too far from a road, I guess Al won't sleep tonight.

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