Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Turn up the heat

Sunday was a day of rest and we woke up to the church bells ringing in Audlem Village and the sound of lock ratchets operating in the back ground. Al decided to go to church and Sian wanted to go as well so they set off for 11.00am. Del was in boat cleaning mode and then after a clean it was some painting. It turned out to be a very warm day and by 2.00pm you felt like doing nothing.
Marky had come back from his gig in Gosport with his tribute band "Forever Queen" and we sorted out what we wanted to do in the evening. With all this heat it seemed only fair to go out and have another curry, so we jumped in their car and they took us to Nantwich. We got out of the car and could hear music, a live band Beardsmith were playing in the White Horse pub so it was an easy first pint and a foot stomping hour.. Marky spotted an Indian restaurant opposite called NAAN and after seeing it was packed we booked a table.. When the music had finished we wandered over and had a terrific curry, well it was in our top five of the trip so far..
As Sian hadn't had a drink we set off back to Audlem and the Shropie Fly where they were having a folk evening.
We then walked up to The Bridge pub for one on the way home and then crashed out to a very warm Derwent6. All the vents were open and we slept with just a sheet, but at least we slept. Tooty the cat, was out all night!

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