Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Split for a bit

Last night we all had a few beers but decided that we would get down the last four locks of the Audlem flight, filling with water on the way. We were woken up at 5.30am with the movement of boats through the locks and dozed till 10.00am when we had set a time to go.
We used the two water points next to the pub and then moored at the bottom to decide what to do next.

Mark & Sian wanted to stay at Nantwich as they liked it and wanted to see more of it, and we had made the decision to go on up to Chester. So we were going to split for a week and give ourselves a bit of a break to do our own thing.
So we both set off together for Nantwich and did the two locks at Hack Green. It was a slow and warm trip up to the town and Mark found a good mooring and we waved our goodbyes, for a bit.
We took it nice and slow over the aqueduct and along to Acton.
We ended up mooring on the end of the Llangollen in a quiet spot we know well.
Tooty was in his element and straight into the bushes and soon had a mouse in his mouth, little bugger..
We had gammon (from the Audlem butchers) and salad out in the cratch and a couple of beers. It got a bit windier, and a little cooler as we settled down for the evening.. So Chester here we come, this trip has been great so far..

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