Thursday, June 15, 2017

Black Country Museum and the Dudley Tunnel

It was a bit of a lay in for us as the Museum opened at 10.00am. We booked a place on the Dudley Tunnel trip for 3.00pm and then took ourselves over to the main museum.
We had a lovely time wandering round these old early 19th Century houses and its just so nostalgic and great to see and meet the people dressed for the era.
We had proper Fish and Chips, drunk in a proper old ale pub, and went to school in the 1930's, eating all the old sweets.
Mark had taken his camera and took some photos for us..
We then went through the Dudley Tunnel and it was a very good experience. We also legged the boat out of the tunnel at the end.
When we came back we found that 7 coal boats had moored in front of us all going our way in the morning, so it might now be an early start for us..
It has made the winding hole a tad difficult, so watch this space.


Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful place to visit, it looks like there have been a few additions since we last visited.
We did all the things you did except 'legging it', glad Dels kness were up to the job!
We also went down the coal mine which was claustrophobic and frightening when the simulated gunpowder explosion unexpectedly happened.
Thoroughly enjoying your travels up north, thank you.
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Both
Thank you, having a great time, and its lovely to be going north for a change xxx ps know what you mean about the coal mine!