Saturday, June 03, 2017

Braunston to Blue Lias

We set off early and pulled into Braunston with Mark and Sian in front of us on n.b Mochyn Du.
We both filled with water..
We then set off towards Wigrams turn and was so pleased to see Jaq on n.b Valarie.
We then took a right turn for Calcutt Locks and then headed up to the Stockton flight. It was very busy up till the point we hit the Grand Union and then things got very quiet.
We went down the locks with ease and in good time, not that we were counting the seconds..

We even managed to get two super moorings right outside the Blue Lias pub..
Mark and Del went gliding for a couple of hours over at Burton Dassett, and on their return it would have been rude not to use the pub, where a few beers were had..

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goodwind said...

Good to see you keeping your hand in Del!