Friday, August 24, 2012

To the meadows at Guildford

We left our lovely mooring at Send early. Thomas was a bit sad to leave the goats behind. We got to Triggs Lock and then onto the tricky Bowers lock. The scenery was just beautiful and any doubt's about how much it cost coming down here are just blown away with the beauty. We pushed on through Stoke Lock and still managed to knock the chimney off, at the low Stoke bridge. With no damage done we then passed through Guildford and out the other side on to the meadows, where we saw n.b Rock and Roll and n.b. Moore2 life. We fitted in just in front of them both. The weather had turned very showery but we thought we would take Thomas into town to see the castle. It was very pretty with all the flowers and you could go up the keep if you wanted too. We then went round to the Guildford museum and we were pretty impressed with that too. Al couldn't wait to see the shops so we checked out the high street and the shopping centre's, where Thomas bought a new book and a magazine. The rain was starting to get worse so we made a dash back to Derwent6 where we had something to eat. In the evening we watched a bit of telly and played games all night.

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