Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The end of Navigation

We woke up to another nice day and we were getting itchy to move again. We had a very low bridge ahead so everything came off the roof. George and Carol on n.b Rock and Roll were also moving so we decided to go up together. We got to the first lock and George had the lock ready for us to go straight in. We both managed to get under the bridge with inches to spare, but it was so low that Del couldn't get a photo as he was concentrating so much. We passed the entrance to the Wey and Arun Canal which is under restoration and will go down to the south coast. After some twists and turns through some lovely meadows we got to the last lock on the system where we stopped at Farncombe Boat House for another pump out. We went through the lock and then met up with George and Carol at the water tap at Godalming. We then turned and reversed back to the end of the Navigation at the Town Bridge to find a lovely mooring on one of the pontoons. Thomas soon got the fishing rod out and it wasn't long before we got a shout of "I've got one" We walked into town and had a look around before we came back to Derwent6 at around five. Steve, who came on Sunday, had given us a big party BBQ and as we had met up again with George and Carol and Chas and Ann on n.b. Moore2life, who were also here, it was rude not to light it. Everyone brought some food and it ended up being a lovely evening.

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