Thursday, August 23, 2012

To the goats at Send

We left at 10.30am this morning after bacon butties and pulled over to the marina and filled with water, had a pumpout, and topped up with diesel. We then went through Pryford lock. We continued through to Walsham lock gates which are only closed in flood. It was so pretty... approaching Newark Lock you can see the Priory in the field next to it but are unable to get to it. After getting through Newark lock there were some lovely moorings at Papercourt meadow, but we decided to pass them by. Papercourt lock was also very pretty and we were met by another boat here. Thomas feed the swans while we were waiting....
We then pushed on to Send where we stopped for a bit of lunch, there is a pub here, but we had lunch on Derwent6. We set of in the sunshine in the afternoon and just round the corner after another stop lock we spotted another nice mooring on it's own. We pinned in and Thomas soon spotted that there was a field of goats next to us.. He soon made friends with all of them. Later in the evening we lit the BBQ again and chilled in the cratch listening to the owl's... Thomas had also made us a Victoria sponge cake which we had for dessert...Yuuuummmmmm!!

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