Monday, August 27, 2012

Bank Holiday Fun Day

We had a busy day today, so it was up early. We had arranged for a few friends to meet up with us at Guildford. Del had got up early and started on the brasses, he also went up the shops to pick up some coals for the BBQ, getting some french stick and more beers. Al had some cakes on the go while Thomas Doolittle went and chatted with the bulls in the field and to ask them to keep away today. Tanya had arranged to drop her stuff off with us as she was going on to the Reading Festival and staying with us tonight.All the gang started turning up at midday and the BBQ was already on the go. The sun had come out and we could soon hit the beer and wine. We had the music playing from Derwent6 and pigged and drunk ourselves silly till the sun went down. We had a fantastic time just like we always do, it was hard putting the stuff away in the dark, feeling like two sheets to the wind. We did have some extra help as Hannah was staying over with us as well. With Del slaughtered, Al met Tanya at midnight and we all fell into bed at 12.30am. Phew!! a long fun day..

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