Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Back on the Thames again with no tickets

Our plan was on Monday to go to the Olympic Park and cheer on Team GB, but we didn't realise you need a ticket to a venue to get into the Park, and you just can't buy a Park ticket now. Well you try and get a ticket on-line, it just keeps coming up NO Tickets Available. Mr Coe seems to think it's because two million people are going for 200 tickets.
So we made the decision to move on Tuesday.
We were up early and crept down stream which has been quite strong with the heavy rain showers we have had.
It did make it fast going though and we soon got down to Reading in record time as we were going down the locks as well. It was nice to be back on the Thames and we tuned left and got our big Tesco's shop. It was then on to Better Boating for a top up of diesel and then we headed on down to Sonning. At Sonning lock we thought it was time to moor up so we found a spot we have used before and squeezed Derwent6 into it. After adjusting the foliage a bit we fitted in nicely.
In the evening we watched the Olympics at the same time still trying to get one of those elusive tickets...

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