Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A trip to the mill, ending in a meal

The weather was better than we thought it was going to be this morning and we just felt the need to get out... We had a lay in and a late breakfast but we managed to get out at around 11.00am. Al had to get a zip replaced on her rucksack and we had found a good little shop in town which would do it for twenty five pounds. It was worth it as Al finds this rucksack very comfortable, it holds all her gear for 2 weeks when she travels, and we will find it difficult to find a replacement. We have got to pick it up on Monday. We then got the bus to Salford Mill which is only open on Wednesdays, but at the other end we had about a mile and a half walk to it. Just as we got there it started to rain. At the entrance there was a Bat exhibition with live bats, Thomas was able to touch and feel them and we found out a lot more about them. We then went on the tour of the Mill, which showed you the workings and methods of how different types of flour is made. This mill has all the original machinery used in the 18th century. It closed in 1914. Thomas loved it but didn't like the steep stairs you had to climb to get to the top where the wheat started.
We then made our way back but this time we got the train. We had to go back to Guildford to get back to Godalming, but it was an easy journey. When we had done a full circle we stopped off at Weatherspoons for a cheap bit of nosh, and very good it was too. It was then back to Derwent6 with a coffee to let it all go down.

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Oh what a lucky boy!!!!!He has such lovley Auntie and Uncle. Nanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx