Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wallingford to Pangbourne Meadows

We left very early, in fact Al and Thomas were still in bed when we sneaked out of Wallingford. We did miss paying the fiver for the mooring overnight though. There was mist over the water and we saw loads of birds. We went out into the wilderness till we got to Cleeve lock where we filled with water. We then went on to Goring voted one of the best villages on the Thames. We then were back out into the wildness again and passed Beale park and were also overtaken by the rowers again, before we then went on to Pangbourne. We were lucky enough to get a mooring on the meadows but it was a good job we left early as it got busy very quickly. It was lovely and warm so after a drink we went for a walk round town. When we got back Del went for a swim with the Swan's. We just sat in the sunshine all afternoon and then got the BBQ out again in the evening. We got a call from Zak saying he was coming up and could he stay for the night...No Problem!!!

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