Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nine years in the waiting

We had a text in the night saying things were going OK with Del's dad, so we were up and soon across the fields to the station at Tackley. We were soon at Oxford where we changed trains and went on to Paddington Station. Then we got on the underground to London Bridge and arrived at Guy's Hospital at midday. When we went to reception we found out that the visiting hours were at 2.00pm but we were allowed in early. It was just great to see Len as he just looked so good. You could see a improvement already from the time he left us on Monday on Derwent6. His kidney had been a nine years wait and after having trips to the hospital for dialysis three times a week this will be a life changing experience. Soon loads of friends and family turned up and we went and had a McDonald's to make some room around the bed! We all had some good quality time with him and the family before we said our goodbyes. On the way back we missed our connection at Oxford and had to wait a hour before the mile walk back in the dark to Derwent6. We got back at 9.30pm but we all felt a lot better after the experience. We are all feeling relief and joy tonight, but our thoughts are also with the family who are grieving the loss of a loved one who gave the greatest gift of life to our Dad.


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Ian and Karen said...

What good news for you all.
Hope your Dad's recovery goes well.
Ian and Karen

Les Biggs said...

I wish him well.

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone, Len is doing well and we're all keeping our fingers crossed that the kidney takes ok