Thursday, April 07, 2011

Still time to Cruise

It was another lovely day and Del was off to the Chandler's to pick up an new rain hat for the chimney on Derwent6. Al was still down in Kent and helping her dad as he had to go to the dentist, so she looked after her mum while he went. It was then back on the train to get back to Derwent6 at around 3.00pm. Del cleaned up the chimney as it had got quite bad through the hard winter and fitted the new rain hat. Al arrived back and we soon set off in the sunshine. We took the turn at Norton and went through Braunston tunnel and we were lucky enough not to meet anyone in there. We did meet some novices who wanted some help down the locks, which speeded things up a bit. We then picked up the Oxford canal and things got very calm as we cruised in the late evening sun, with the yellow of the rape fields on either side of us. We got to one of our favorite mooring spots along this stretch and Al started dinner. We sat out in the cratch with the warm still air, catching up on the last couple of days apart.

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